Bad news, Grimm fans

Bad news, Grimm fans

We have to wait another three months!

After being informed that we’d return to new episodes of our beloved Grimm this month, the sadistic folks over at NBC decided to change their minds. Instead, we’ll have a new show this month called Do No Harm replacing Grimm until spring! This announcement was not even vaguely apologetic, by the way…

I don’t know about you, but I may grow a few gray hairs waiting for my Monroe to return. And if Juliette ends up with the captain, I may just barf.

The new show, Do No Harm, seems interesting enough, even if the plot’s been done several times before (but then again, so has Grimm’s, in different incarnations, right?). It’s a Doctor Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde type show, but it’s about a doctor who has to keep the darker version of himself under control. Why does this reek of Dexter to me? It’s not the same premise, but it feels like trying to piggyback off of Showtime’s success.

Will you be watching Do No Harm? I just might to see what it’s like—there is that literary monster component that we love in Grimm, after all—but I think I’ll mostly just pout until March 8, when Grimm is supposed to finally return.