DirectTV Ad Fail

DirectTV Ad Fail

My daughter’s behavior will not be affected by my lack of your product, DirectTV—nor is it any of your damn business.

Wow, DirectTV! I am so glad that we aren’t customers of yours. If we were, we’d have to quit your services immediately simply out of spite. Do you really think that “stress” from not having DirectTV will push me to actually scar my daughter for life, so that she’ll marry some delinquent and have a baby with a dog collar?

And by the way, what’s so wrong with dog collars and tattoos and dyed hair and punk clothing as it is? Who is to say that the people you are attempting to persuade to buy your product in the first place don’t have these items of clothing (or makeup) on right now and are being offended by your stupid commercial? I am not one of them, no, but I used to sort of be—and even if I’m not, I certainly don’t want to do business with a company who deems one type of person more worthy or better than another person anyway.

I was pretty shocked when I saw your big snowball effect commercial. Do you honestly think that the people who have daughters are going to either take you seriously, or that they will laugh with your oh-so-funny attempt at humor? No. They’re going to roll their eyes just like I did, thinking that we already have so many tropes and stereotypes that create self-fulfilling prophecies for our daughters without you adding to the giant pile of blaming, shaming, and judgment.

Congratulations for rendering half of the population as complete idiots, DirectTV. I suppose you are simply following in the footsteps of the current Republicans in Congress who think that women are stupid, too—so stupid that they can’t even make decisions regarding their own bodies or medications, in fact. Is this your line of thought? You might consider it a stretch, but is it really? You already pointed out that the type of television services that we do or do not buy are what affect us, our parenting, and our children for our entire lives—so why not translate that over to our health decisions too?

Yeah, we won’t be buying anything from you anytime soon, DirectTV. I am also delighted that I never subscribed to you in the first place to save me the trouble of canceling. I’m so happy that my parents canceled their subscription from you as well. You can bet that with this kind of belittlement of your potential customers, you can expect the trend to carry on.