‘General Hospital’ makes it new move

‘General Hospital’ makes it new move

Fans agree to watch 'General Hospital,' regardless of new time slot.

Today marks a new era in 'General Hospital’s' history. Today was the first day that it aired at its 2 p.m. EST time slot. What did it mean to the fans? It meant that they got to watch their beloved show an hour earlier. What did it mean for ABC? It meant that they got to hear the news that 'General Hospital’s' ratings were improving.

Yes, last week 'General Hospital' raised to the number two ranking slot among the four soap operas, among the top much needed viewing group, those viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 years of age. However, it is no wonder this show has seen an improvement in its ratings. The show has been improving ever since Frank Valentinia and Ron Carlivati has taken over the reins. Yet, this rating improvement will probably have nothing to do with their new talk shows success, since most soap fans vow never watch any of these new shows.

What they do plan on watching is 'General Hospital.' Currently, the show’s major story line involves Jerry Jacks and his plot against the town of Port Charles. He has poisoned the water supply. Why? Revenge? Money? Greed? Maybe he has done it in hopes to find a cure for his own sickness? The real reason on why he has done this horrible deed hasn’t completely come to light, yet. However, he has asked the citizens to come up with $88,111,000. The town’s wealthiest citizens have the money for him. Now they hope he will give them the antidote.

Meanwhile, Jason is busy trying to discover the truth about Sam’s baby. He has unearthed the discovery that it might not have been her baby who died. The medical paper work indicates that the dead baby could not be a blood match between Franco and Sam. This means Sam’s baby must be alive? But where and who would have taken him? These are the answers Jason is wanting.

Yes, all of this and more is developing during the first week of 'General Hospital’s' historical move. This is why fans are definitely following the show to its new time slot. In fact, most fans have already stated that they would watch this show no matter what time of the day or night it aired. The reason why is that they are faithful fans, something ABC seems to keep forgetting, since they don’t seem to be putting as much value on the show as the fans think they should.