Grading Reggie: How did Reggie Bush do in his live TV gig?

Grading Reggie: How did Reggie Bush do in his live TV gig?

We give this athlete and wannabe host a B-

A beaming Reggie Bush, dressed in a light gray suit and silver tie, joked that he was “quittin’ football” after getting whistles and cheers from the audience of “Live with Kelly” when he walked out Monday to co-host the show with Kelly Ripa.

Both GUYS and girls in the audience were reduced to giddy fanatics upon seeing the Miami Dolphins running back – a few guys even wore Reggie’s jersey. Who knew he had this many fans in New York?

As for Bush himself, he was natural, charming and clever as a host – much better than I expected!

Reggie’s Hits & Misses on Monday’s live show:


  • Reggie confesses “I’m single,” seemingly putting an end to rumors that he’s reuniting with Kim Kardashian (Or did he just lie to America?). He’s apparently hunting for a keeper, though: “I want to have a wife and kids someday and be able to raise a little Reggie,” he said. Aww.
  • Reggie lets Kelly Ripa feel all over his biceps. (Mark Consuelos better work out!)
  • Reggie revealed he gave cool motor gifts to the entire defensive line of the Miami Dolphins for Christmas. Specifically, he bought them Segways, those machines Kevin James rides in the movie “Mall Cop.”  (I want one!).


  • Racial Humor. Reggie told the story of a woman who survived after her bungee cord snapped when she tried to bungee jump over a river full of crocodiles.  He said he knew immediately upon hearing the story that the woman was not black. Reggie said of black people “We don’t bungee jump... you’re not going to find too many black people doing that.” #Lame. Racial humor is so 1980s.


As for Ripa: Kelly is not cut out to be a main host. It avails her of too much time for senseless chatter.  Keep her as a sidekick and hire a new main host, producers! (Word is ...they are courting Rob Lowe for the permanent gig).


Watch Reggie and Kelly interview Jorge Cruise below: