Live TV Pregnancy Reveal! Can having a baby encourage Vanessa Lachey to reunite with her estranged mother?

Live TV Pregnancy Reveal! Can having a baby encourage Vanessa Lachey to reunite with her estranged mother?

Nick Lachey announces wife's pregnancy on "Live with Kelly"

Imagine my surprise when Nick Lachey co-hosted “Live with Kelly” this week and revealed that he and new wife Vanessa (formerly Minillo) are expecting a little one!

Nick told Kelly Ripa that on the day when Vanessa herself visited the show in January, she came home that night and felt queasy. They took a pregnancy test and learned the good news! Nick credited the show for being “a very fertile place.” The couple is set to give birth in late summer.

Nick is a family man at core. In fact, I remember reading last fall that he and Vanessa moved into a house next to his brother (in Cincinnati of all places!) so that when they had children, the little cousins could play together.  Now, that dream can finally come true. Nick’s brother Drew, who was in the male singing group 92 Degrees with Nick, already has children.

Nick and Vanessa are one of my favorite couples. I think it’s cosmically intriguing that they were born on the same day (Nov. 9th). It’s almost as if they are soul mates who met to heal each other after Nick’s divorce.

Vanessa herself has been through heartache too; she’s been separated from her mom since she was 9 years old. According to gossip reports, the mom abandoned Vanessa, leaving her with her father and never visiting. 

During Nick and Vanessa’s televised wedding special, Vanessa cried  about not having a mother to attend the festivities.

Having a child will allow Vanessa to develop the motherly bond she never had.  Will it make Vanessa more receptive to establishing some form of a relationship with her biological mother (who is actually still living and in a trailer park somewhere)? 

I’m not saying it should. Nothing should ever make a woman abandon her children. I cannot imagine the pain Vanessa must have felt throughout her childhood, perhaps each day waiting for her mother to come back.

That’s almost unforgivable. However, having some closure to that past pain might be good for Vanessa, the mom and the future of the baby.

According to Nick, Vanessa is already having pregnancy cravings for burritos and other Mexican food, which he has to run to the store at night to fulfill. She’s also having pregnancy aversions; she now hates Italian food.

The couple, who do not know the gender of the baby yet, is currently picking baby names, Nick told Kelly Ripa.  

Nick said “If it’s a girl, it might be Sofia, but if it’s a boy, we’re not really sure yet.”  He revealed that in the past, he wanted to name a son “Colin John Lachey, CJ for short” but no longer thinks that’s a good name. He said Vanessa doesn’t like it.