Review: Walking Dead - ‘Prey’

Review: Walking Dead - ‘Prey’

Season 3, Episode 14 - A solid block of Woodbury and a bad day for Andrea


This week on The Walking Dead, we get a deeper look at what’s going on in the town of Woodbury.  As the show winds up to its final two episodes, both camps are making plans to take their rivals down.  Woodbury and The Governor are on the offensive while Rick and his gang are playing defense.  One Woodbury resident, namely Andrea, isn’t so happy with the way things are going on her side of the conflict, however.  And so this time around, after discovering some of the Governor’s more sadistic tendencies, she decides that she’s finally had enough and is going back to the group that raised her.

But the Governor isn’t too pleased with this development and takes it upon himself to hunt her down.  He manages to find her and a tense hunter and prey (hence the title) scenario ensues, with Andrea trying to keep away from the crazy man while making her way through a run down warehouse.  When at last she manages to make good her escape and everything looks okay, things turn out for the worse.

In the background of this main thread is the development of Tyreese and his gang.  They happen to be the ones who let Andrea leave the town and make her initial escape and she warns them that the Governor is not what he seems.  And then when they’re sent out to help round up zombies for an offensive plan of the Governor’s, Tyreese isn’t so happy with the idea of letting a horde of walkers loose on the prison gang, regardless of their relationship with Woodbury.  On another note, the bespectacled crony of the Governor, Milton is slowly losing his faith and may be responsible for a serious breach of protocol.

This episode didn’t develop the storyline too much, but it did set up several characters and put them in positions where, when the hammer of war falls, they’ll have to think hard about which side they’re on.  Tyreese is a fan favorite from the comics and having him working with the Governor is a huge departure from his role there.  Milton can go either way, though I suspect he’s not going to let the Governor just do as he pleases any more.  And Andrea is in a position similar to what Michonne had to face in the comics, which could lead to some seriously screwed-up story arc in the near future.

I’m guessing that they’ll finish the Woodbury vs. prison story arc in the next two episodes, so there’s not too much more they can do other than let the bullets fly.  If they try to hold onto it longer they risk dragging this arc along way too long and boring the crap out of fans.  Woodbury holds an important place in the development of the story, but enough is enough.  With the showrunner changing for season 4, let’s hope they wind it up nice and clean and, above all, with some serious drama.