Where's Emma?

Where's Emma?

Once Upon a Time does the unthinkable.

Last week I moaned and groaned about how they barely even reunited the families after the curse was broken on Once Upon a Time before splitting them right back apart for huge plot twists. Like I said, I’m cool with that—after a tiny break to see the families exist as families.

The one positive thing I saw out of all of this, of course, was the fact that Emma and Snow could bond not as friends and roommates but as mother and daughter, which would surely be an interesting and dramatic turn of events. Not so, cry the writers as they not only whisk them off to another world—but completely ignore them for the entire second episode!Um, what was that? We had this incredible women-driven dramatic fairytale all last season—and now you’re going to tote Charming as the town savior and lead character in episode two of the second season? Couldn’t you wait until the end to go all testosterone on us?

To be fair, it was also a heavy Queen episode, which I did enjoy; we got to see the softer side of Regina as she realized she had become what she had never meant to be, and she did something positive to help change her own behavior. I had to cheer for that one, even though the tree grabbing Henry was pretty awful. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her attempting to control her adopted son by force, either.

But this isn’t her show. It’s not Charming’s or Henry’s, or even Snow’s, either. They’re all centerpieces, but the show belongs to Emma—and now after an entire season of relying on her to break their curse, she’s suddenly absent from the entire thing.

Am I the only one pissed off about this? “She’ll be back next episode!” I can hear some people say. “They showed previews!” They certainly did—just like they did last week. And we saw her and Snow for all of two seconds.

Let’s not forget that one of the reasons this show is so wildly popular is that it features a heavily female cast, which is in great demand by at least 50% of viewers. Let’s keep the show as special as it was, shall we? Enough princes have their own leads and their own savior moments on every other show on every other network as it is.