Which Live TV Singing Competion are you most anticipating in early 2012?

Which Live TV Singing Competion are you most anticipating in early 2012?

January and February mark the return of “American Idol” and “The Voice”

The most popular live TV competition returns in January when  the 11th season of “American Idol” hits the airwaves on  Wednesday Jan. 18 and Thursday Jan. 19 in a two-night extravaganza.

Three days later a special Sunday showing of “Idol” airs, giving viewers three chances and four hours to indulge in the warbling of wannabe singers from this summer’s auditions in Charleston, Houston, San Diego, Denver, Pittsburgh, Portland and St. Louis.
(Photo of Season 11 auditions in Charleston, S.C. Credit: American Idol/Fox)

Just a couple of weeks ago on December 15, the final cut was made for singers who advanced to the coveted Hollywood week--  but we don’t really care about that. Bring on the live performances, live results shows and live drama!

Will that drama, however, be enough to combat viewer fatigue? Launching “Idol” with four hours of shows in five days is a bad idea -- almost as bad as having the tired and trite Randy Jackson with his passe “dawg” and “pitchy” commentary return. It’s a bit of an overdose.

Keep in mind that it’s only been a a few weeks since Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor” wimpered to its poorly watched finale. Is anyone really ready to commit so soon to weeks of multiple two-hour shows from  two more singing competitions?

“The Voice”, rival to Fox’s “Idol”, premieres on Feb. 5 on NBC. Which one will get your loyalty and your votes? Let’s size up the two shows.

(Photo: Final filming of Hollywood Week of American Idol. Credit: American Idol/Fox)

“Idol” vs. “The Voice”

Judges:  All the judges from last year are returning to both shows. On “Idol,” Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and the always unpredictable Steven Tyler will assess contestants. They don’t compare, however, to the other-worldly Cee-Lo, diva extraordinaire Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine who return to “The Voice.”  For all the flirting between the stars and constant sense that they are having fun, I gotta give the nod to the judges on the “The Voice.” They are SO much more entertaining!
Winner: “The Voice”

Contestants: “Idol” appeals to middle America, delivering the freckled face contestants, the guys and girls next door, the bland mainstream singers that you forget about next year. “The Voice” is more avant garde, offering fringe and even scary contestants, like women with bald heads and men who look like truck drivers but sing love songs. It’s like a circus. Plus, with the show focusing on vocals rather than packaging, the contestants come across as genuine artists, not simply wannabe pop tarts.
Winner: “The Voice”

Ratings:  Last year, “American Idol” drew roughly 23 million viewers nearly every night  while “The Voice” delivered just half those viewers with roughly 12 million watchers -- not bad for a series debut, though. The wide appeal of the contestants on “Idol” undoubtedly makes it popular among multiple demographic brackets
Winner: “Idol”

I don’t know about you, but my DVR will be set to “The Voice.” Yours?