Will Melanie Amaro EVER get her $5 million?

Will Melanie Amaro EVER get her $5 million?

Winner of live singing show, X-Factor, still broke

Q: Melanie, you've just won X-Factor, what are you going to now?

A: I’m going to buy a foot massager!

Sad, but true. In an interview today on “Access Hollywood,” Melanie confessed the one thing she's going to do now that she's finally signed the actual contract she won after placing first in the inaugural season of the U.S. version of X-Factor: she’s going to splurge on a massager for her feet. Wow. Go, Mel.

Amaro further confessed to Billy Bush that she has NOT received any X-Factor winnings. 

Really? And Santa Claus, isn’t real either, Melanie. Look chick, you’re really not going to get $5 million.  While the media pretends that’s how much you’ve won, X-Factor makes sure to emphasize that what you’ve really won is a $5 million contract.  So, in order to collect anything, you have to make a record and hope like hell it sells.  

Then, after Epic Records takes out all their record company fees, you can expect your check.

Fees, I’m guessing, would include:

  • Recording studio fees
  • Video production costs
  • Flight and travel expenses for appearances
  • Lunches for interns.
  • The cost of breathing air in the studio.
  • Costs for Simon Cowell’s daily rants about your recordings.

Stuff like that.

In other words, stand by to rake in $16.

 You know, no one really bought that guy’s album who won the first season of “The Voice.”  Most people have forgotten him already and don’t even remember his name well enough to look him up on the Billboard charts. May better things happen to you, Melinda, I mean, Melanie.

Ever the optimist, Melanie was still all smiles during her interview, telling Bush that she aims to buy her mother a brand-new house. Yeah, good luck with that.


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