January 2012

The Live Grammy Broadcast Just Got Hotter! LL Cool J Will Host!

"The real question, however, is "Can LL Cool J be an engaging, dynamic host for what has become a boring, predictable broadcast?"

Until now, the biggest excitement surrounding this year's Feb. 12th live broadcast of the 54th Annual Grammy awards show was that "Queen Bee" Beyonce Knowles  was expected to  show off her  fake post-pregnancy body with a performance. That can be eye candy for the men. Now, we women can anticipate eyeing the physique of James Todd Smith, alias. LL Cool J!

The Grammy organization announced Thursday that rapper LL has signed on as the main host.  

Ordinarily I'd be alarmed if the words "rapper" and "host" were used in the same sentence. However, unlike most modern rappers, LL Cool J is actually articulate and charming.  He’s handsome in a hyper-masculine, but gentle,  kind of way.  Plus, if he's sort of a rap icon, with classics such as “I Can't Live Without My Radio,” “Goin’ Back to Cali” and “Mama Said Knock You Out.”

Grading Reggie: How did Reggie Bush do in his live TV gig?

We give this athlete and wannabe host a B-

A beaming Reggie Bush, dressed in a light gray suit and silver tie, joked that he was “quittin’ football” after getting whistles and cheers from the audience of “Live with Kelly” when he walked out Monday to co-host the show with Kelly Ripa.

Both GUYS and girls in the audience were reduced to giddy fanatics upon seeing the Miami Dolphins running back – a few guys even wore Reggie’s jersey. Who knew he had this many fans in New York?

As for Bush himself, he was natural, charming and clever as a host – much better than I expected!

Will Melanie Amaro EVER get her $5 million?

Winner of live singing show, X-Factor, still broke

Q: Melanie, you've just won X-Factor, what are you going to now?

A: I’m going to buy a foot massager!

Sad, but true. In an interview today on “Access Hollywood,” Melanie confessed the one thing she's going to do now that she's finally signed the actual contract she won after placing first in the inaugural season of the U.S. version of X-Factor: she’s going to splurge on a massager for her feet. Wow. Go, Mel.

Amaro further confessed to Billy Bush that she has NOT received any X-Factor winnings.