February 2012

DirectTV Ad Fail

My daughter’s behavior will not be affected by my lack of your product, DirectTV—nor is it any of your damn business.

Wow, DirectTV! I am so glad that we aren’t customers of yours. If we were, we’d have to quit your services immediately simply out of spite. Do you really think that “stress” from not having DirectTV will push me to actually scar my daughter for life, so that she’ll marry some delinquent and have a baby with a dog collar?

And by the way, what’s so wrong with dog collars and tattoos and dyed hair and punk clothing as it is? Who is to say that the people you are attempting to persuade to buy your product in the first place don’t have these items of clothing (or makeup) on right now and are being offended by your stupid commercial? I am not one of them, no, but I used to sort of be—and even if I’m not, I certainly don’t want to do business with a company who deems one type of person more worthy or better than another person anyway.

X-Factor Implodes with Wrong firings.

"So far, Beyonce Knowles, Mariah Carey and no-talent Perez Hilton have been rumored as replacement judges."

A few months ago, X-Factor sought audience feelings about the show in an online survey. I know because I participated. In the survey, I ripped Simon Cowell, who sincerely has no idea about true talent, and L.A. Reid, who is a masterful producer but came off as an unlikeable villain on the show. I was ambivalent in my feedback on Paula Abdul. Nicole? I loved!

Don't get me started on Steve Jones, the host. He was so unintentionally rude and curt that it was lovably hilarious. I partially watched just to see who he was going to interrupt, push off the stage or slyly insult. Now that Steve is out we'll probably get a self-absorbed, preening kiss-up like Ryan Seacrest. The two dragon judges stayed and two likeable judges, Paula and Nicole, are jobless.

This is just another nail in the X-factor coffin for me.