May 2012

Wendy Williams Show is a crime against women

No wonder the religious right thinks we need help making reproductive decisions…

While sitting and waiting for a double root canal, my cranium was savaged by something that I would have never chosen to subject it to. No, it wasn’t a lobotomy, or a speech by Kirk Cameron, but it might as well have been. It was the Wendy Williams Show, and it was my very first time witnessing it.

I don’t watch daytime television. Ever. When I visited my mother last week, I did catch a few minutes of Ellen while she watched it, and it was not that bad; I happen to really like Ellen, and she didn’t talk about celebrity clothes or breasts or masochistic yet popular literature with her guests. Wendy Williams did all of this and more; it was like watching the worst stereotype of a woman gushing about every single thing that a woman is “supposed” to gush over while her audience rapturously joined in, and it made me ill.