June 2012

Glee Project: Season 2

Where are the fat kids?

During Season One of The Glee Project, I watched because I was mildly interested. I really enjoyed some episodes while some just pissed me off, and I wasn’t really a fan of anyone until the show had been going on for several weeks. I ended up being super pissed off at Ryan Murphy, who once claimed that it didn’t matter if you were the most talented, and then voted off the only fat contestant because—in his own words—she wasn’t the best singer. Really, Ryan? I’m sick of the whole underdog theme ignoring fat kids, who are, and have always been, this nation’s prime underdog.

This season is already shaping up to be much better. For starters, there’s a plethora of diversity—from youth with disabilities to even one cast member who is transgender. It’s very interesting and fun, and you don’t see as much of the “I’m the best” trash talking going around as you did last season. I think this could be attributed to the fact that most of these hopefuls are in their early twenties, while last season most were in their late teens.