August 2012

NBC begins their season early with the premiere of ‘Grimm’

“GRIMM” is winning Monday nights

If you like fantasy and if you like a hero who reluctantly follows in his family’s footsteps, you may love NBC’s “GRIMM.” It started its second season, on Monday August 13, 2012 with their highest ratings ever; this is including a total ratings of 5.7 million viewers. They also receive a 5 share of the popular 18 to 49 age group. This was a viewing that was up by 25 percent since their last showing.

The concept of “GRIMM” is a complicated one. The show revolves around Nick Burkhardt, a police detective. He is also a Grimm, which is a creature of sorts that can see the identity of other hidden creatures, who hides among us humans. He acquired the role of being a “GRIMM” by birth. It is an inherited condition that his mother, grandmother and aunt had.