September 2012

The first star has been eliminated from ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Pamela Anderson says goodbye to ‘Dancing With The Stars’

This season on the all star version of “Dancing With The Stars” the show got down to business quickly. They eliminated a star within the first week. That star was Pamela Anderson, who coincidentally got the lowest number scores from the judges. However, this isn’t always the case with this popular reality show.

Sometimes it is the star whom one would never guessed would be going home that does go home. The reason why is that the audience has their own opinion and that opinion is often based solely on how well they like a star, not on how well she or he dances. For this reason, one may have never guessed that Pamela would have went home on week one of the competition, even though her dance was the poorest, in the judges eyes.

‘General Hospital’ makes it new move

Fans agree to watch 'General Hospital,' regardless of new time slot.

Today marks a new era in 'General Hospital’s' history. Today was the first day that it aired at its 2 p.m. EST time slot. What did it mean to the fans? It meant that they got to watch their beloved show an hour earlier. What did it mean for ABC? It meant that they got to hear the news that 'General Hospital’s' ratings were improving.

Yes, last week 'General Hospital' raised to the number two ranking slot among the four soap operas, among the top much needed viewing group, those viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 years of age. However, it is no wonder this show has seen an improvement in its ratings. The show has been improving ever since Frank Valentinia and Ron Carlivati has taken over the reins. Yet, this rating improvement will probably have nothing to do with their new talk shows success, since most soap fans vow never watch any of these new shows.